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Wed 20 August '14

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The easiest model to learn on offering hours of fun for riders of all ages and abilities, includes FREE demo DVD.
Original Bamboo Beach - [INDO BOARD]
Shore price only £109.95

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Taylor Steele movie starring The Irons, Benji Weatherly, Joel Parkinson, Mick Fanning, Shane Dorian, Rob Machado, Kelly Slater, Kalani Robb, the Hobgoods, Dean Morrison, Donavon Taylor Knox, Tim Curran, Taj Burrow ...
Campaign - [DVD]
Shore price only £21.44

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The Irons Brothers Productions film crew plus Bruce Irons, Dane Reynolds, Ry Craike and amateur Garret Parks, hit the road in Australia for a two-week road trip.
Dude Cruise - [DVD]
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With trademark humour, Taylor Steele's latest action flick pulls back the curtain on pro surfing's deepest, darkest secrets.
Stranger Than Fiction - [DVD]
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South Coast SurfCheck > Weymouth Overcombe

Overcombe Corner is located at the east end of Preston Beach, Weymouth. Although sheltered from south west swells by Portland, it works when the swell is very large, or with locally generated wind swell. Great for bodyboarding or longboarding, but more usually a favourite for Jurassic Coast Kayaking, kite and windsurfing. Second Wind Surf Shop is right on the beach.

Lulworth Tide Times

Overcombe Webcam
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Overcombe Corner, Weymouth

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Britain's best surfers & waves, surfing the beautiful, diverse and wave-rich coastline of Great Britain.
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How a towheaded, semi-deaf haole born on the North Shore of Oahu to a wild Australian father became one of the most controversial surfers renowned for his presence in the barrel.
Who is J.O.B. - [DVD]
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Resin Transfer moulded to be stiffer with the added performance of reduced weight.
PC5 Perf Core Series Blue Clear - [FCS Tri Fin Set]
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Allows precision foiling at an incredible price.
M3 Natural Glass Flex IFT - [FCS Tri Fin Set]
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